Merchant support guide

Accepting bitcoin payments through BitcoinPay is as easy as accepting credit card payments or accepting payments via PayPay.  Merchant’s accepting bitcoin payments need to be familiar with situations that are unique for bitcoin payments. We created a simple support guide that helps to understand the process of accepting bitcoins.

Adding BitcoinPay to checkout page

You will need to ask your programmer to add Bitcoinpay to the checkout page. Please visit website for developers for more info and integration.

Checkout page

Payment statuses

Bitcoin integration has been deployed and your customer chooses Bitcoin as a payment method. Following picture shows all payment statuses.




A new payment request is created and customer is redirected to BitcoinPay payment gateway. It will pending for a maximum of 15 minutes or until the invoice is paid.



Customer successfuly sent the payment, but the transaction needs to be validated  against blockchain (usually very large payment, or payment was sent with very low fee). Once the transaction is fully validated we notify merchant about the change and we set the status to Confirmed. In case, the transaction is not confirmed  within next 24 hours or the transaction is removed from mempool or transaction is double spended, we change the status to Invalid.

What should merchant do

Status received  does not guarantee payment. Some merchants however take they own risk and fulfill the service in advance. Financial institutions or businesses that accept bitcoins a deposit payment option should always wait until the status changes to Confirmed.



Payment is credited into your bitcoinpay balance and can not be reversed. The payment is final.




Payment has not been paid in given time period and has expired.


Merchant? what to do?

Customer: what to do?



Insufficient Amount

Customer sent amount lower than required. Customer can ask for the refund directly from the invoice url.

Merchant? what to do?

Customer: what to do?


Paid after timeout

Payment has been paid too late. Customer can ask for refund directly from the invoice url.

Merchant? what to do?

Customer: what to do?



Payment has been returned to customer.

Merchant? what to do?

Customer: what to do?