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Changes to the calculation of the bitcoin invoices

Due to constantly rising bitcoin fees we are now forced to introduce new calculation of the bitcoin invoice amount. While competition has been charging an extra fee since early 2017, we at BitcoinPay have continuously optimized transaction costs through our internal processes, e.g. by effectively consolidating payments and by using optimal time bands. We have become the first bitcoin payment gateway to deploy Segwit addresses. However, it has now come to a time where the improvements of internal processes do not offset the increasing costs of bitcoin payments and their consolidation.



Change to the calculation of bitcoin invoice amount and refunds
Starting Wednesday 10th of January all new bitcoin invoices will have the bitcoin amount payable increased by a variable fee to cover for our bitcoin transaction costs. Bitcoin network fee will be no longer charged for refunds.

Change of terms for the Payout service
There are changes to the fixed fee charged for the Payout service. The minimum fee charged is being increasesd from $4 to $8.