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Bitcoinpay is adding support for Litecoin (LTC)

Accept Litecoin payments till August 31, 2018 for free
We are introducing Litecoin payment support as a necessary alternative to bitcoin payments. Litecoin payments have faster confirmation and transaction fee costs a few cents.

You can start accepting Litecoin payments by registering on
This Beta is built on a completely new API tailored for acceptance of various cryptocurrencies, advanced refunds, automated invoice extensions, and custom settings. Please note that currently provides only minimum functionality and is being introduced as an alternative to bitcoin payments in the shortest possible time.

BETA functionality includes

  • ZERO processing fee till August 31, 2018 
  • IPN and email notifications
  • refunds
  • transaction history with sorting, filtering, search and export
  • settlement report
  • 2 factor authentication
  • API keys management
  • Instant conversion to FIAT currencies with next day bank settlement

Future plans
We will keep on improving throughout next year. However, major changes including full re-branding new GUI and support of additional cryptos are planned for the second half of 2018.

Changes to the calculation of the bitcoin invoices

Due to constantly rising bitcoin fees we are now forced to introduce new calculation of the bitcoin invoice amount. While competition has been charging an extra fee since early 2017, we at BitcoinPay have continuously optimized transaction costs through our internal processes, e.g. by effectively consolidating payments and by using optimal time bands. We have become the first bitcoin payment gateway to deploy Segwit addresses. However, it has now come to a time where the improvements of internal processes do not offset the increasing costs of bitcoin payments and their consolidation.



Change to the calculation of bitcoin invoice amount and refunds
Starting Wednesday 10th of January all new bitcoin invoices will have the bitcoin amount payable increased by a variable fee to cover for our bitcoin transaction costs. Bitcoin network fee will be no longer charged for refunds.

Change of terms for the Payout service
There are changes to the fixed fee charged for the Payout service. The minimum fee charged is being increasesd from $4 to $8.


Our position on bitcoin hard fork, BitcoinPay

We would like to inform you of the planned events in the bitcoin network and of the increased number of bitcoin confirmations we will require from 28 July 2017 to 9 August 2017.

It is very likely that on 1 August 2017, the bitcoin network will be divided into two separate currencies. BitcoinPay will continue to support the current bitcoin, the bitcoin with the highest overall support across the community. Any second, “hardforked” branch i.e. so called Bitcoincash will not be supported in the foreseeable future.

At the same time BIP91 proposal has just recently been activated in the bitcoin network. Under this agreement miners now reject blocks that do not signal Segwit. Due to the precautionary principle and the protection of our clients, we will temporarily require 6 bitcoin confirmations for status „confirmed“ from 28 July 2017 to 9 August 2017.

Provided there are no other sudden changes in the bitcoin network, we do not expect any outages or other changes. We will inform you immediately should we make any other safety precautions.

Your BitcoinPay Team

MANA – one of the most advanced foods is accepting Bitcoin now

We are very pleased to announce partnership with young and expanding Czech company, whose product “MANA” became a symbol for the future of food.

MANA is The typical example of a successful and expanding Czech company that offers a healthy and balanced product for everyday use.

MANA is delicious, nutritionally balanced and affordable food that is easily prepared under 1 minute.
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